Paris Hilton wants to be the Queen of House Music

Earlier this week reports started surfacing that Paris Hilton decided to take a break from making pornos in night vision and searching for her BFF to pursue her latest calling in life- becoming a house a dj.

Good old Paris has been travelling the globe shadowing a few of the world’s more popular commercial DJs in preparation for recording a “house music-inspired” album later this year. The Heiress has reportedly become close friends with international DJs Afrojack and David Guetta and is supposedly in Ibiza busy recording an album with the long haired commercial dj on his way to SA later this year.

A few “top” djs, who obviously wanted to have sex with Paris went on to tell her that she has the potential to become the “Queen of house music” because “no woman has ever taken over in that arena”– once again proving the ignorance of her close friend group.

Personally I’m not that amped because chances are that Guetta is going to make it cheesy enough to get played everywhere, meaning that I’ll eventually be forced to listen to it. I suppose if she keeps with the dance music trend of pointless videos with tons of mooiness in them (or has sex to one of her songs), I’ll at least be able to take solace in that.

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  1. If she gets her tits out why playing I will consider going to see her. If not, no chance. I’d rather chew off my own arm

  2. I lag at this, coz not too long ago i remember her fighting with Steve Angello about him playing house music. she wanted more Bob Sinclar hahaha what a joke. she needs to stay on her knees and do what she does best. Leave the DJing to the pros. What a joke.


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