Paris Hilton’s Halloween Nip Slip

MyCityByNight just never tire of this lady! Man does she keep us and many other sites in business!

Now obviously MyCityByNight got your attention with the heading! Yes, our gorgeous little socialite was at it again on Holloween at Hef’s jol!

As everyone knows Halloween is the time when the mooiness can dress up as slutty as they want and receive no judgment for it, Paris Hilton did just that when she dressed up as a slutty Pocahontas, or POKE-her-hardness as I like to call her.

What she probably didn’t expect is for a nipple slip to happen (ok who am I kidding, of course she did), but that is exactly what did happen when she made her way into a Halloween party.

Nothing new considering we’ve seen every part of Paris Hilton’s body but still who doesn’t love a nipple slip?

Paris, just admit that you want to be a porn star! Now stop doing a half job and would you please now just start a porn site and make another movie, perhaps with that police officer!

All our love


PS Don’t take than minging sister out with you dressed as one of the greatest super hero’s of all time!

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