Paris buys motorbike race team

The not so bright but decent to look at Paris Hilton announced at a press conference in Madrid, Spain, on Saturday that she has started her own motorcycle racing team called “SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton” (the name refers to a dance party in Ibiza, but is incredibly difficult for anyone to pronounce). In a massive shock to the public (ok not really that much of a shock), the primary colors of the bike are pink, white and blue.

Paris promoted the launch of the team by posing with one of the race bikesĀ at the conference in skin-tight, pink and white racing leathers with rhinestone details. Yay!

The team is set to compete in the 2011 125cc MotoGP World Championship season. As part of Hilton’s contract with the company, she will be in attendance at races over the next five years. She will also be scouting for drivers in partnership with a Barcelona-based team, By Queroseno Racing (BQR). Can you imagine- he’s a great racer but not hot enough… next.

The World motorcycling championship is definately set to attract a few more headlines in 2011 now that Paris Hilton has put her name to a new team- maybe she’ll use the team as a dating service, maybe she’ll make a porno with bikes in it, you just never know.

“I can’t believe I have my own racing team! So cool! :)” Hilton posted on Twitter while at the launch.

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