Pantsless Guy Soils Himself In Binge Drinking Episode

Pantsless Guy Soils Himself In Binge Drinking Episode

For a couple of us, getting absolutely wasted is pretty much par for the course, but one would hope that for the most part you don’t end the night in the back of a police van after soiling yourself in the middle of the day while wearing no pants (if this does happen often, we might need to talk about getting you checked into rehab).

The guy in the video below (which was sent to us by one of you kind folk), unfortunately drank a little bit much and was caught stumbling around the streets outside a strip club over in the UK on CCTV. What made things worse, was the fact that somehow he managed to lose both his shoes and pants, before soiling himself. It didn’t end there though, the guy then tried his best to get into another nearby pub to keep the buzz going, which thankfully was the point that the police were called to deal with the situation.

Luckily for the guy, he was eventually allowed to go home after sobering up and no arrests were made. Behold… the drunkest man ever caught on camera:

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