Pantomime & Militant – Some Monday Music

After listening to DiscCharge’s set the other day, it got me thinking. Why not check out the other up and comers DJing on Friday at the Beartrap/MMD – Tryamabaka and Orca party. The two that I saw that I really enjoyed were Pantomime and Militant. Pantomime are producing their own tracks where as I only got the demo Militant sent in for this entry to the Friday’s competition. Take a little look at what these will be bringing to the trance floor.


Biography: Pantomime is Max Kibble & Luc Vermeer. For these two humble gentlemen, fame and fortune was never the aim of the game. They wanted to create somthing new, something nobody had heard before and after many struggles along the way Pantomime was born.

Slowly but surely they began to dabble in realms of psytrance production and everything that came with it. With many influences, ranging from hip hop to electro they have created sounds which is in essence a part of them. Though the project is still in a very early phase, they have already crafted many a fine tune for your listening pleasure.

Artists they like: Biorythm, Rubix Qube, Frozen Ghost, Hiyarant, Xatrik, Rabdom L, Sinful Reactions, Orca, Brain Hunters, D.N.I, A-Mush

MMD TASTER (1) by Pantomime

SeekandestroyREMIX3 by Pantomime

To listen to more of their stuff, check out there soundcloud: (click here)


Biography: Having only been introduced @ the age of 21 to EDM, the attraction & passion was immediate & intense. For the next couple of years, he was an avid & passionate clubber @ clubs & venues like 47, 96 Degrees, Gallery, Legacy, The Sound Factory, Thunder City & Pure amongst others & during this time saw the likes of Lisa Lashes, Lee Haslam, The Organ Donors & many other top international DJ’s and producers. This in turn ignited a keen interest in DJ’ing & performing EDM.

For 7 years now the Militant DJ has been acquiring & perfecting his digital skills, & he is now finally ready to unleash an aural assault on the unsuspecting EDM community the only way he knows how to – MILITANT STYLE!!!

Having been exposed to all forms of EDM in one way or another, he has also developed other genres of interest. Currently playing regularly @ Hectic on Hope & previously @ Blooze Bar for the Mungus Fungus krew (Toxic Tuesdays), he has now also developed a formidable Psychedelic act as part of the Kaos Krew, of which he is one of the founding members. He has in the last year alone played alongside the likes of Rubix Cube, Biorhytm, Zezia, Distant Touch, Archive, Chemogen, Switchcache, Killawatt, Psyguy, Parana, Fractal, Ninjah Jack, Stuart, Kozvox, Mad Hatter & Manifest, and he has now set his sights on much bigger goals for the future…

Known for his relentless & explosive hard beats (no matter the genre of EDM he’s playing), hi octane energy behind the decks, his smooth mixing ability & absolutely exquisite timing, coupled with some insane effects mixing (and other digital gadgets), you can be guaranteed of a nuclear stomping experience & absolute bliss on the dance floor.

Artists he likes: Smugg Juggler, Outer Signal, Menog, Rubix Cube, Hiyarant, Dirty Motion, Sway, Rabdom L, Khopat, Wicked Wires, Delysid, Brain Hunters, Absolum, Sinful Reactions & many more

Militant DJ – Re-Manufacture Demo

Enjoy some fresh PSY for this Monday morning.

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