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Paez Footwear Comes To South Africa

Paez Set to Launch in South Africa This December


The Paez Alpargata range, which is set to hit South Africa’s shores and streets this season, will be featured in the December edition of Glamour magazine.

Paez History

Paez Footwear is one of Argentina’s hottest new fashion exports and is fast developing a cult following the world over. These shoes have a history stretching back all the way to the 1830’s in South America, where the lightweight black and white canvas shoes was the footwear of choice for the hard working, nomadic ‘gauchos’. Since these humble beginnings the Alpargata become entrenched in Argentinean fashion. In 2007 Paez was founded with the idea of offering consumers the real deal: the authentic Argentine Alpargata. Paez makes it possible for you to enjoy both function and fashion, adding chic Buenos Aires design, colour and flair to the beloved shoe created in South America almost two centuries ago.  

Ethical Fashion

PAEZ footwear is manufactured to very specific guidelines which ensure the best for both your comfort as well as the safety of the environment. Materials used in the construction of the footwear are:

  • a soft canvas upper
  • a soft cotton lining
  • a cushioned leather insole
  • an EVA rubber sole for traction

By combining world class standards with a real commitment to fair trade and charitable giving, Paez promotes the creation of community among individuals that are interested in fashion, entrepreneurship, web-based networking as well as  socially and environmentally reponisble business practices.


Paez has in four years already conquered five continents. The brand’s relaxed, cool, comfortable and fashionable products combined with its commitment to the environment and all stakeholders have allowed it to achieve widespread appeal. The largest target market for this product is people between the ages of 14 and 35 that have a sense of fashion, live in and around urban areas but enjoy being active, they have disposable income, demand quality and are attracted to socially responsible companies.

The lightweight and sleek design of the shoes makes them perfect for relaxing or being active whilst remaining cool and comfortable. The EVA rubber soles offer perfect traction on virtually any terrain including water sports such as surfing. The colours tend to be bright and lively without demanding attention, and the playful patterns are able to draw a surprising variety from such a no-frills canvas. Alpargatas are stitched with barely a handful of seams and the novel ornamentation from the design team at Paez is an example of ample creativity working within strict boundaries.

Paez Alpargatas is a high quality product that is marketed at a very competitive price. The Alpargata range has been positioned as less expensive than competitors whilst being a more stylish product and will retail at reasonable prices. For a taste of what is to come, the launch range is available to be viewed online. High top and sneaker lines will be sure to follow soon in subsequent seasons’ ranges.

For more updates on the Paez launch and launch events, join the Paez South Africa facebook group now

About Paez


Paez is a proudly Argentinean footwear and clothing brand. Paez founded in 2007 manufactures high quality, comfortable and stylish fashionable products available at over two hundred and fifty outlets worldwide. Paez believes in fair trade, community development and social responsibility in all of its production and retailing practices.

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