P.H.Fat – The Big Five (Feat. Fuzzy Slipperz)

Mikey Z from PHfat dropped me a mail letting me know that they have released their video for The Big Five (feat. Fuzzy Slippers) which I had already been playing thanks to the lads over at Dont Party. This has become an anthem across Cape Town clubs and to see the music video with the tune makes it so much better. Not only do I dig the video but the way it is shot is also so sick. These guys have got some mad talent to go with it. PHfat have added Fuzzy Slippers to the track and to the video and I can only imagine how fun it must have been making this. Let me put this out there for you all to listen to for yourself… I been watching/listening all day already…

Check this out:


Nice work guys…

We all get down like animals, animals

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  1. Nice one Mikey. You have come a long way since the days of reporting me to the principle for drawing winkey’s on ur sponsored Puma bags 😉

    Big Up!

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