Own a “monkey butler” courtesy of V Energy Drink

Usually energy drinks go to the ends of the earth trying to convince you that you need to quench your thirst with their sugar-loaded offerings. Here’s one brand that actually makes a purchase and the accompanying risk of heart attack all worth it.

Frucor’s V Energy Drink launched a campaign where a whole bunch of unforgettable experiences were given away to a few lucky drinkers. They registered a fake company called V Rentals, which offered up amazing prizes like a monkey butler to serve you chips and V, a mini-you, a unicorn chauffeur, a pimped-out jacuzzi truck to hold the ultimate party in and a couple of dak ous to help move everything around. The campaign costed US$4.5 million and is fronted by entrepreneur Glen Gibbons, who has handpicked these ‘money can’t buy’ experiences to share with loyal V customers.

All you had to do to win was enter the barcode from the can of V on their website and briefly explain why they should be selected for a rental (awesome way to get people onto your page and generating content) . The campaign, which will run until September 8th also features a series of webisodes documenting Gibbon’s experiences running V Rentals. Sometimes obscure is good…


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