Owlman prank for Lord of Tears movie is pants-wettingly scary

lord of tears owlman prank

This prank was put together as part of the promotion of an upcoming movie called Lord of Tears (yup, I haven’t heard of it either) and is probably one of the most terrifying we’ve seen to date. The setup was that visitors, urban explorers and photographers who showed up at the abandoned St. Mary’s Children Hospital to presumably take thoughtful Instagram photos were surprised by the movie’s main character the Owlman.

It’s pretty intense stuff because these abandoned hospitals are pretty creepy even without a weird guy with claw hands hiding around the corner waiting to eat you. One guy in the clip can’t handle it at all and pretty much just sits down on the spot and cries into his hands after encountering the Owlman (if it was survival of the fittest, this guy would not make it). So even though there hasn’t been much of mainstream push this looks like the kind of movie you could rent if you’re in need of a good scare.

Watch the trailer for the Lord of Tears at www.lordoftears.com

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