Over 100 000 people in Cape Town fed on Eid thanks to local NGO Nakhlistan and The SANZAF

Over 100 000 people in Cape Town fed on Eid thanks to local NGO Nakhlistan and The SANZAF | Images: Nakhlistan & SANZAF Facebook


The holy month of Ramadaan reinforces the values of selflessness, kindness and charity in Muslim communities across the globe, and in this spirit, it is a tradition that at the end of the month of fasting, NGO’s and individuals in the Muslim community come together to help those in need on Eid.

Cape Town got to see this tradition in full swing when two organisations, a non-profit called Nakhlistan and The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) pulled out all the stops to feed over to 85 000 individuals and 23 000 families in the Western Cape.

What began thirty-five years ago between friends using only two small pots to feed the homeless on the day before Eid-ul-Fitr has turned into a major soup-kitchen called, Nakhlistan where 300 volunteers come together to feed thousands of those in need across the Western Cape.

Yesterday the Nakhlistan team cooked up a storm to feed over 85 000 people in the community of Rylands while The South African National Zakah Fund‘s Bridgetown and Mitchells Plain offices set up marquees in impoverished areas this week to deliver truckloads of groceries to over 23 0000 families in need before the end of Ramadaan.

The families received hampers packed with fresh produce, as well as canned goods.

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Nakhlistan volunteers cooking to 85 000 on Eid | Video: EWN 

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