Outkast’s Reunion at Coachella – Full Set [Video]

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It was the much anticipated highlight of Coachella this year and arguably the read that Instagra broke and people’s food got cold while they wanted to take pics of it!

Thats right, the reunion of Outkast. From the “Hey ya” to “Ms Jackson”, the duo of Big Boi and André 3000 rocked the crowd! They also each had time alone onstage to rock some songs from their solo careers.


Here is the full setlist:

– “B.O.B.”
– “Gasoline Dreams”
– “ATLiens”
– “Skew It on the Bar-B”
– “Rosa Parks”
– “Da Art of Storytellin”
– “Aquemini”
– “SpottieOttieDopaliscious”
– “Bowtie”
– “Shutterbugg”
– “Ghetto Musick”
– “Tightrope” with guest Janelle Monae
– “Kryptonite”
– “Vibrate”
– “She Lives in My Lap”
– “Prototype”
– “Behold a Lady”
– “Roses”
– “Same Damn Time” with guest Future
– “Ain’t No Way Around It” with Future
– “Benz Friends” with Futur
– “Hootie Hoo”
– “Elevators”
– “Ms. Jackson”
– “So Fresh, So Clean”
– “The Way You Move”
– “Hey Ya!”

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