Our top 10 Faithless tracks of all time.

This weekend both Johannesburg and Cape Town are in for a throwback thrill when beat goddess, Sister Bliss of the global electronic band – Faithless returns to South Africa for an enigmatic and nostalgic DJ set.

This Monday we’re getting our Faithless weekend kicked off early with our team’s favourite Faithless tracks of all time. In no particular order here are our top choices:


 Sun To Me – 2012
 Why Go – 1998
We Come 1 – 2003
Miss U Less See U More – 2004
Tarantula – 2001
Mass Destruction – 2004
Tweak Your Nipple – 2012
Reverence – 1996
Salva Mea – 1996
God is a DJ – 2007


For more information join either the Jozi or CT event – Cape Town event is almost sold out grab your tickets here while you still can.

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