Our Psychedelic Pizza Friends, Call-A-Pizza, Need Your Help

Call A Pizza

Call-A-Pizza is South Africa’s first pizza delivery company, having started in 1987 and now 30 years old. Owners Ricky and Yolanda took over the business in 1998 and transformed the shop into the world’s only psytrance-dedicated pizza place. Recently, they fell victim to credit card fraud and suffered a loss of R60 000, for which their bank ABSA is refusing to help in any way. In addition, due to the inability of local power company Eskom to meet demand, they were victims of load-shedding which cost them a further R50 000. Whilst this may not seem like a lot, they’re a small business struggling to keep up with the high cost of foodstuffs in Cape Town, and they have been unable to cover any of this debt, although fortunately, they are able to pay their regular bills. We’re appealing to you to assist in whatever way you can to ensure that they’re able to continue and keep supporting our local psytrance community and pizza enthusiasts.

Another way to help other than the GoGetFunding site, the good people at Spectrum and Psyked in the City are hosting a fundraiser to raise cash for the awesome couple. In true Ricky style the music will be FAST, just the way he likes it. We’re talking 145BPM starting and ending around 200BPM. You can check out the Spectrum: The Leaning Tower of Pizza event here.


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