Our Mix of the Day | The Other Radio #6: CTEMF Special

Take a listen to this Cape Town Electronic Music Festival - CTEMF themed radio show by The Other DJ's in anticipation of #CTEMF2018

The Other DJ’s 6th Radio showcase is dedicated to CTEMF and their set on Sunday at the brand new venue. The one hour forty minute long mix is dedicated to passed and previous CTEMF Alumni who’ve graced this illustrious and reputable stage over the past 7 years including songs from the likes of Felix Laband, Branko, Goldie, Slugabed, Bantu Clan Vs Sarabi and more.

The Other DJ’s consist of 3 long-time industry players including Young Supreme, Desktop Desktop, Kammakameel who’ve been spreading their musical love together for over 4 years now.

They’re playing the Outdoor Stage on Sunday 8 April from 5–6PM – one of the best timeslots at CTEMF in our humble opinion.

MCBN discount – 15% OFF – SAVE R75
Phase 2 Tickets: https://ctemf.nutickets.co.za/CT2018
More information: Cape Town Electronic Music Festival – CTEMF
Download the official sponsor app Joox – right here
Headliners: Job Jobse // ARTBAT // Gerd Janson // Egyptian Lover // Deetron // Stringray // RAG // The Hacker

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