Oude Meester Reserve with Jamie Foxx

By now most of you would have seen or at least heard about the brand new campaign to promote the refinement and elegance of Oude Meester’s Reserve, which makes use of a face or two that all of us are familiar with. The first face that counts is that of Benjamin Franklin- one of the most celebrated American presidents (he was actually a “founding father”) whose face is depicted proudly on the back of a 100 dollar bill and without co-incidence also the front of all Oude Meester Reserve Bottles.

The next face you need to pay attention to is that of Hollywood singer and actor Jamie Foxx who makes it his duty to tell you about all of the excellence around the two icons of Oude Meester and Benjamin Franklin, all the while compare himself not so subtley to the latter. Ahh- I mean, he’s Jamie freakin Foxx- he’d good enough to toast to the DudeMeester.

We received a special edition bottle of Oude Meester Reserve along with the news of a brand new face of Oude Meester, namely Jamie Foxx. I’ve got to say that I am not traditionally a brandy drinker but this stuff is truely world-class- if you’re keen for some slow sipping luxury Oude Meester Reserve makes for a welcome break from the whiskey you may be used to.

They’ve also got a pretty slick new website that allows you get inside access to tasting sessions and dinners that the brand will be organising for those that prefer to toast with their particular Reserve in mind.


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  1. i love that piano piece playing on the background of that ad. who’s the artist and title please?

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