Orlando Bloom Throws Punch at Justin Bieber


One thing we do know know from the epic LOTR trilogy, is that elves and dwarves just don’t like each other.

So, YES… But alas, NO! HE MISSED! FFS! Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got into a heated argument in a restaurant in Ibiza rumoured to be over Bloom’s ex, Miranda Kerr. Orlando, aka Legolas, didn’t enjoy that much, so took a swipe.


After the bitch fight, Bieber then decided to Instagram a pic of Miranda, with a crown emoticon… He then deleted it.. Buuuuut the internet is faster than JB!

Naturally after the swipe, the internet (well Twitter mainly) went mad and loads of hilarious things to say to say!

To be honest, it’s near impossible to see the actual (attempted) punch, but it safe to say that there is no love lost there and it’s awesome for us to see the rage for JB and then let our imagines play that Legolas connected and floored the little tonsil. For those funny tweets head over to Mashable.

Pic via Mashable
Story via Gawker

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