Origin Ticket Winners and Line Up Times

Ticket winners:

The winners for the Origin competition are:


Benson Bainbridge

You will both be emailed with further details…

Line Up Times:

Main Floor
12h00 Indidginus
13h30 Torabisu
15h00 DJ Connecto
17h00 DJ Cooks
19h00 Chabunk
20h00 DJ Dala
22h00 DJ Headroom
00h00 Broken Toy
01h15 DJ Anestetic
03h15 Biorythm
04h30 DJ Jay Om
06h30 The Commercial Hippies
07h45 Avalon
09h00 FlipFlop
10h30 DJ Shane Gobi
13h00 Allaby
14h00 Protoculture
15h30 Førm
17h00 end

Groovy Beats with Labyrinth
Friday Night into Saturday
20h00 LilPhil 
21h30 Jimmy Chronic 
23h00 Danalog 
00h30 Pete Bones 
02h30 Dusty Human 
04h30 Organic Panic 
06h30 Patrick 
08h00 Vernon 
09h30  finish

Groovy Beats in the Forest
Saturday Afternoon through Sunday
14h00 Toby
16h00 Dave Mac 
18h00 Copeland 
19h00 Mr E
21h00 Daimon 
23h00 Prefix
01h00 Arteligent 
03h00 Rob Gonzo 
05h00 Spies 
07h00 Ainslie Ford
09h00 Ivan 
11h00 One Track Mike
13h00 Spekta
15h00 Pierre Estienne
17h00 finish

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  1. Benson Bainbridge – Didnt even get the question right and still wins! whats going on here? lol

  2. @Karel: Benson answered everything correctly. If you are implying about the late line up change where Tristan was replaced by Flip Flop then unfortunately the winner still stands as half the entries were placed while Tristan was still on the line up.

    Sorry about that mate.

  3. 22h00 DJ Headroom
    00h00 Broken Toy
    01h15 DJ Anestetic
    NOOOOOOo – thats a solid day jam we going to miss.. dissappnting
    Hippies should play around 11:00am
    cant believe the times.. such a anti-climax

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