Origin Festival Interview | Oliver Koletzki

One of Cape Town’s largest and most anticipated annual trance gatherings, Origin Festival returns in February 2020 with one of their biggest line ups to date. We decided to catch up with the seasoned veteran, Oliver Koletszki, to find out what he’s been up to, what material he’s working on, whether we’ll find him going back to back with Nico on the Beatz Floor at Origin and a little more about what’s happening in studio at the moment.


MCBN: Welcome back to Cape Town, your home away from home! We’re excited to see Origin will be hosting you on the Beatz Stage in 2020 as one of the headlining acts. I know there has been a big response to your announcement and return to Cape Town. You’re coming down with Nico (Schwind) again, have you been working together (and working alone) on new music for the upcoming trip to Cape Town?

Thank you, I’m super excited to return to South Africa and Capetown. Same like 2 years ago Niko and I are coming to Cape Town to write new music. The sun, the ocean, the landscapes and the people – it’s such an inspirational place here.

MCBN: The previous album you released was aptly named Noordehoek which was worked on with Nico, who we like to call your protege, when you were last down here in Cape Town. Could you give us a breakdown of how the process worked, the inspiration behind it and which track is your favourite on the album?

We rented out a really nice house with a sauna, pool and botanical garden which you can see on the cover of the album. We took half of our studio with us and just start producing nearly every day. In this beautiful environment it’s really easy to write good music. My favorite track is “early pearl”

MCBN: You’ve become a household name in the South Africa scene! During your travels here, you’ve worked with a few local artists – any names stand out for you of artists down south that is creating great music and sounds for dancefloors globally?

Fka Mash
STAB Virus
Guy Herman & Chris Sen

MCBN: South Africa is a country full of incredible artists and musicians, but we’re always looking for international talent. Who would you say are 3 young breakthrough artists globally we need to keep our eyes on?

Sam Shure
Marco Tegui

MCBN: Origin Festival has become one of South Africa’s most well-known festivals on a global scale, with massive headliners on both stages. The beats stage is known for taking dancers on a journey. Will you be playing B2B with Nico or will we see you playing a solo set in 2020?

I heard a lot of good things about Origin Festival. I love to play b2b with Niko but this time we will play separate sets. This makes it much easier for me to build a real story over the course of my set.

MCBN: 2019 has been a tremendous year for you, production and gigging wise, what has been a highlight for you in 2019?

My 8th full-length album “Fire in the Jungle” was definitely a highlight for me.
Near Berlin, my team and I created our first 3-day-festival called “Akasha”.
And of course amazing shows in the US, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Bali, Thailand, Russia, Canada…

MCBN: With 2020 on the horizon, what are your plans for the upcoming year? Any big plans lined up for now?

I founded a new label “A tribe called Kotori” which is party series already. So we will put a lot of work to grow this brand. Also, we are doing heaps of daytime Openairs in Europe over the summer. And there will be some remixes coming out and the upcoming tracks with Niko of course.

MCBN: Any last words for the Origin fans before your set next year?

Expect the unexpected

As always, Origin 2020 is gearing up to be one of the most memorable trance celebrations of this year – if you don’t believe us, check out 2019’s after movie below.

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