Origin festival has become one of the biggest Trance festivals in the country… and for good reason.

Origin festival has become one of the biggest Trance festivals in the country... and for good reason.

Waking up on Saturday morning without a hangover seemed weird to me. I had decided to sacrifice my Friday ritual of blowing off the week’s stresses in my local bar, in order to wake up on Saturday morning, fresh and rested for the next 24 hours at Origin festival. The hum of excitement was thick in the air as my friends frantically got their last minute supplies for the weekend. At last… Origin had arrived!

Apon arrival (a 2 hour drive out of the CBD), we could hear the faint music beat in the distance with cars pulling in fast. We avoided having to set up and carry massive amounts of luggage by deciding to hire a pop-up tent service (this would ensure that we didn’t have to pack anything away at the end of the jol in our zombie states). What a save that was.

Recommended… provided you have the funds.

We moved in slowly to what was the Techno dance floor. Walking through the foresty walkway into to camping grounds. The main dance floor was about to open so we quickly dropped our stuff off, grabbed our drinks and shot off…

The walk was filled with classic South African aesthetics, a beautiful mountain range, blue skies, and lush green scenery. It never gets old, and I never take it for granted. I took a moment to let it all in.

Then we saw it… the main stage… and what a spectacle it was! A grandiose gesture that was complimented by the surrounding hills and mountains. Something out of a movie, or one of those picturesque images you see from Sweden or something, either way, it was mesmerizing.

The music started almost as we put our foot on the main floor and with it, a gust of wind that blew the canopy of the dance floor, showing off its incredible design and scale. Little did I know what it was going to look like at night.

The dance’s floors music was slow at and melodic as we were introduced to the sound system, slowly picking up a bpm & volume seemingly each time I took a sip of my drink. Fast forward some time, and I was reunited with a full force of friends with the music being exactly where I needed it to be. Loud and banging!

I always find that Origin, being as big and popular as it is, brings together all those trance party friends you don’t ever see. I’m most likely a bit older than the average person reading this and my point is, that typically my peers that used to frequent these kinds of things, don’t anymore. They’ve either ‘retired from jolling’ or just can’t deal with the 3-day hangover. Origin is the exception! It’s looked forward to by everyone and pulls crowds from all over in the best of ways. ALL of the friends!

It seemed like a blink of an eye and night time was upon us. Headroom stepped in for a rare evening set and introduced us to the nighttime stage, a beautiful, brightly lite centrepiece.

But that was nothing… Everything paled in comparison to what was the most overwhelming 3d mapping I’ve ever seen on a stage. See the GIF for an explanation, because my words fail me when I see the dance floor stage explode into tiny pieces then reassemble right in front of my eyes!

I remember the moment it happened, I was talking to a mate about the stage when it suddenly exploded. We stood there, eyes and mouths WIDE open… we looked at each other and did the whole, “WHOA dude! Did you just see that!?”

The time and talent that went into making that stage was commendable and was certainly one of my highlights of the whole festival! Here’s hoping they do something equally as spectacular this years edition.

I knew Sunday was going to BIG. So I made the sacrifice of the early hour hard-psy to retire to the tent to TRY get some rest. I barely put my head down and that bloody sun was up. After pulling myself together, I made the broken walk back to the already pumping dance floor.

The weather warmed up fast… and so did I. It didn’t take long for the music and energy of the dance floor to revitalize my broken bones. Throughout the day, the line up treated us to an all-around EPIC Sunday. I still have memories of us singing to all the Commercial hippies tracks and the LIVE closing set from LOUD still rings in my ears to this day.

It’s safe to say Origin was one of, if not the best event of 2017. It set the benchmark for everything that came after it. There aren’t many that can compete with the sheer size and production level that is Origin. There’s something for everyone, but for this writer, it was the dance floor. I simply didn’t leave it.

It took hold of me and spat me out, broken but full of spirit and with a big stupid smile printed on my face that left me humming for the next couple of weeks.

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