Organik- The Psyain Dream [Views Of The Jewish Psy Bird]

Albeit it a late arrival, my heart had been set on attending this promising small psycadelic outdoor since not being able to remember the previous weekends social-psy (psycial) event of the year. My team and I arrived relatively equipped about an hour after sun rise. Upon entrance I was greeted with feral night creatures who clearly had not slept (dismal from the five mandies the night before), a couple of old silver-foxes including Keith, Glenn (with a double N) and big Dave to name a few but what blew my mind the most was the mystical venue that buried in patchwork fields with a sandy dancefloor shaded by trees all cooled off with a moderate wind: conditions were perfect!!

Already feeling incredibly powerful from activities that had taken place on our journey from Cape Town, I was feeling ready to take on the world. The DJ playing at our time of arrival was none other than Deliriant, this pretty much set the tone for the party with fat drops full of bass, not too fast or hard, but not for the soft-cocks either. NICE. A party of not more than 1500 people, all die hard psy veterans (ironically mostly chemicals, not organics, in their blood) that were so happy to be there, and for all the right reasons. Truly a spectacular crowd!

The day then took an interesting turn as it was at about 10:00 am when I literally stumbled across my other buddy: Cid. Cid was seriously potent at the Psyain Dream, one of his most powerful performances. As could be expected, things then became pretty surreal and at some stages even animated, quite intense.

Bruce has always been a favourite of mine and after being completely and utterly brainwashed on the dance floor, it’s safe to say Bruce is Cape Towns favourite sunrise DJ, EVER!

Plus-minus (psynus) was extra special, even after their Sprung set which I thought would have been a little tough to top. Probably the most crowded the dancefloor ever got, still totally comfortable and minimal amounts of juiceheads that have taken too much and could barely stand (if any!) This was followed by another banger of a set by Psyguy both of which I floated on the dancefloor for.

It was then time for a breather, me and my other friend, lets call her Swahili, then took a beautiful stroll into the fields that appeared to be making waves with the wind (almost like the scene with Russell Crowe from Gladiator) to chill the fuck out. I chilled out hard!! Accompanied by a glowing pixie and a reckless ape as well as brief by passers, I sat in the fields for longer than realized or anticipated while drifting along to the thumping basslines of Gandalf Grey, another DJ who never fails to bring the heat.

Upon my return to the dancefloor, which was still just as slamming as when I left, a slight drizzle started. Another interesting turn in this truly amazing adventure. At first it was mild and I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Then as the downpour intensified I realized it was in fact raining. This wasn’t going to stop me as I carried on through the rain. Here is some advice, if you have never psyed out hard with rain beating down, DO IT, it will leave you feeling stuck in a hypnotizing trance, loving everybody and feeling like a kid in a playground: you definitely, definitely should!

For me this party reminded me of the fact that small parties were special and incredible. The vibe and intimacy. The smiles and sheer happiness on everyone’s faces. The variety is the spice of life, and as much as I enjoy the huge parties with multiple thousands in attendance featuring every walk of life, the subtle beauty of the more intimate parties should never go unnoticed.

Overall psy rating: a whopping 87%

Views of the jewish psy bird.

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