Oppikoppi Redbull Stage 2011 – Line Up


Jozi are you ready?

 I am being flown up on Friday morning (Thanks Jose Cuervo) and heading through to Oppi straight from the airport… I am meeting Tex and BangersandNash & heading off to the airport and it seems like Tommy Gun and Paul Ward are going to be on the same flight with us which is fantastic news. I am getting ready to go festival crazy, for THREE nights of mind blowing madness. Once again, Redbull have thrown together 3 days of electronic artists to suite everyone’s needs. Here is the line up times of all the acts on the Redbull Live Stage at the festival:

  Friday Night:

17:30 Deep Sixty
19:00 DJ Skeelo
20:30 Thibo Tazz
22:00 Leighton Moody
23:30 Julian Gomes VS Sisco
1:00 Sound Sensible
2:30 Joint Nation
4:00 Music OFF

 Saturday Day/Night:

13:00 Monique Pascall
14:30 Oltak
15:30 DJ ID & Raiko
17:00 Kid FonQue
18:30 Audiophile 021
20:00 Hyphen
21:00 Sedge Warbler
21:45 Jam Jarr
22:30 Sibot
23:30 Liver
0:30 Niskerone
1:30 Double Adapter
2:30 Richard The Third
4:00 Music OFF

Sunday Day:

13:00 Binary
14:30 Mysterion
16:00 Card on Spokes
17:00 dj low
18:30 Phat Jack
20:00 Vinny Da Vinci
21:30 Tommy Gun
23:00 Yesterday’s Pupil
0:00 Twelv & Thesis
1:00 Moe Joe
2:30 B Team
4:00 Music OFF

DEADLY! Absolutely deadly…

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