Oppikoppi, Cuervo Style.

Step right up! Cuervo® Sweet \ Thing App ready for download on August 1st

Jose Cuervo® South Africa is amped to introduce the Cuervo®  Sweet \ Thing App.

Gone are the days of trekking around aimlessly on the dusty plains of Oppikoppi; now the tech-savvy festivalgoer has the tools to navigate the expansive festival grounds right in the palm of their hand.

Compatible with all popular smart phone platforms, including IOS, Blackberry and Android, the Cuervo® Sweet \ Thing App will be available for download and installation on the 1st of August, allowing users access to vital festival information, as well as a comprehensive interactive platform to keep all their social media boxes ticked in real time.

To top it all off, when downloading the Cuervo® Sweet \ Thing App, users are automatically entered into the exciting Cuervo® Quest – an ongoing interactive competition that allows them to gather points by checking in at predetermined Cuervo® Check-In points, uploading photos, creating a unique schedule and exploring the app’s many additional features.

Data cost and battery power concerns have also been considered. Users can take some of the strain off by picking up a 50mb Wi-Fi voucher each time they buy a Cuervo® shot at the Cuervo® Chill Area bar, and ensure connectivity by plugging in at the complimentary charging station that will also be made available at the Chill area. They simply need to bring along their charger.

App Features for Oppikoppi Sweet \ Thing:

Interactive Map

Have the festival lay-out at the palm of your hand and find all Oppikoppi attractions, pinned specifically for your convenience!

Tent Finder

We all know the sinking feeling of losing your tent in the heat of those You.Me.Navigate moments. Mark your tent on the app, navigate like a champion and save yourself the embarrassment,.

Jose’s Choice

Trust Jose® when it comes to music, he knows what’s best for you. He even went as far as choosing his favourite acts that are performing at Oppikoppi over the weekend. Browse through them all, schedule them as you wish and get notified 15 minutes before they play.

Take part in the Cuervo® Quest!

Check into any of the following areas at Oppikoppi with your Cuervo® Sweet \ Thing app and win fantastic prizes: Main Gate, Main Bar, Cuervo® Deck, Cuervo® Chill Area, The Oppikoppi Bar, The James Philips Stage, as well as The Redbull Stage.

Capturing your You.Me.Cuervo® moments

Customise your festival photos by placing it in a digital festival-themed frame. You can even go a step further and upload your framed photos to the Oppikoppi live photo stream and share your You.Me.Cuervo® memories with fellow festivalgoers.


Get your social fix in real time with easy access to the festival Twitter streams.

Cuervo® Notifications

Get notified about all Cuervo® activities around Oppikoppi before everyone else and win awesome prizes. You.Me.Winning!


To stay up to date with us on our social networks, follow, like and engage with us on:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JoseCuervoSouthAfrica

Twitter: @JoseCuervoSA

App Download Link : http://youmecuervo.co.za

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