OppiKoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOS VOS

Oppikoppi 2015
Out brothers, out. And sisters, from each of your fox holes. To the hills (or hill). To the dust. To the trees.


For a spectre of hohumnity and unfun is hanging over South Africa. And no self-respecting fox will have anything to do with that/it/them. Time to move out. And on. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, which is just about 13kms outside of Northam.

Time to chase your own tail. Or that of others. Or just chase. Or just tail.


Artists announced to date:

Albert FrostToya Delazy, Lee Thomson (collaboration)
Livingston (UK)
The Ts & Cs
Red Helen
The Bearded Ladies
Southern Wild
Meth Breath
Crystal Park
New Academics
Francois van Coke
Card on Spokes
The Parlotones 
Guy Collins
The Foolish Braves
After Robot
Satanic Dagga Orgy
Poverty Of Ideals
Nonku Phiri
Frank Freeman
Kings Down South 
Sannie Fox
Desmond & the Tutus
Albert Frost (Robin Auld collab)
KonradKuechenmeister ft. Mad Flows
Gerald Clark and Luna Paige 
Facing the Gallows
Atom Band
Scarlotte Will
State Society
Kabaal Klankbaan
Nomadic Orchestra

More importantly: dust off your sassy bestbest’s and point your dreams to Limpopo. To join the equally suave but not-super-sophisticated little Bushveld dustbowl rocknroll-ish get to-gether just outside Northam.
(Aaaah Northam – Brigadoon of the north, but that is very fluffy tailed story for another time of which Mr Dahl himself would have been proud).

So tag the date (knot in the tail) and prepare yourself for the weekend of 7-9 August (Mon-day is a holiday for even the most committed.). In other words lots of time to learn to cook ham or fly. And with luck/uncluck land.
It is just Mr. Vos Vos for me: The Artwork for Mr. Vos Vos was super capably put together by Renee Rossouw (concept/art) and by designers Jana+Koos (logo).
Find more of their work here: http://reneerossouwstudio.com/

Graphic design concept work by Jean Lombard Creative, find their work here: www.jeanlombardcreative.com. Prints of the poster will be on sale at the festival.

Goodwill, intention, gusto and everything else in English: DJ Bob and netWillie.

The theme for this year’s festival is of course linked one part to the book by Roald Dahl and also the hooligan friend of the family whom we’ve run into several cash bars in a row. When you find him, hug him

Looooots of info on the website and social media pages. From now until August. Drop in, or feel out.

See yous guys in the bushveld. Or on the other side.
Turn me free or turn me loose.

The OppiKoppi Family, Sunny side of Northam, Limpopo province, People’s free and relative-ly fair republic on South Africa.

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