This online tool shows the most vulnerable Covid-19 hotspots in South Africa


Stats SA recently updated its Covid-19 Vulnerability Index. The mapping tool, which tracks the areas in the country most likely susceptible to the coronavirus, first launched in December 2020 and was developed as a way of using the smallest area population data available to reflect localised hotspots and risk factors that may contribute to the spread of the virus.

According to Stats SA, the updated index gives has more data on indicators such as age, overcrowding, use of chronic mediation and multigenerational households, making it more relevant and accurate in identifying communities that are at risk and should be prioritised during the vaccination rollout.

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Stats SA developed nine provincial dashboards that could potentially be used to:

  • Locate vulnerable communities
  • Define priority groups and hotspots
  • Provide assistance when planinng the location of dispensing sites, especially for the mobile units, and to monitor uptake

“The index we are releasing is an adaptation of the vulnerability index produced last year by focusing on factors that speak more closely to the need and priority of receiving the vaccine,” Stats SA Demographic and Population Statistics chief director, Diego Iturralde told BusinessTech.

Iturralde added that the Index could help public health decision-makers focus on particularly vulnerable hotspots. Access the Stats SA dashboard, here and find more trending content, right here.

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