One half of Get Physical’s Stereo.Type, Jelico makes his debut release on his own Swoon Recordings

Leading German artist and co-founder of Swoon Recordings, Jelico, makes his debut solo release on his own imprint with a stunning two-track, genre-defining combination that sets the standards for his next few releases at an extremely high level.

One part of Get Physical’s Stereo.type. and with an already massive collection of impeccably produced tracks on labels such as Get Physical, Katermukke’s MUKKE, Einmusik’s EIN2, LouLou Records and Just Her’s Constant Circles, Jelico’s production prowess never ceases to amaze as he continues to raise his standards and musical imprint both in Europe and internationally.

Delving headfirst into the depths of his sound, the title track to Jelico’s EP, ‘All I Want’, delivers a moody and nostalgic vocal house track that emanates with an intimate expression and an energetic percussive rhythm that pulsates throughout the track and motivates a massive mid-track break that drops into the perfect finale, with hands in the air momentum that leaves the listener with a need for more to come.

The second and final track to this masterpiece is, ‘Entropy’. An African inspired, percussive and edgy rhythmic section with automated delays, leads the way for the groovy bassline and ecstatic synths that flow all over the track with a certain mystery and curiosity that builds all the way through until it’s finally unleashed in the final drop, encompassed with offbeat kicks and vocal cuts that again remind us why Jelico has been able to release on so many of the biggest record labels in electronic music in such a short time and has many more to come.

Jelico’s ‘All I Want’ will be available everywhere via Swoon Recordings. 

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