One Direction release a perfume that smells like?

One direction One-Moment perfume

One Direction have an almost supernatural control of a large portion of young women (and some older one’s too) even though their music isn’t exactly ground-breaking. They’ve gone on to sell zillions of records to fans and have now branched out into the world of fragrances.

The 1D (that’s what they’re called by savvy journos) fragrance is called… wait for it… Our Moment. This is about the moment where any sane person starts to wonder what a One Direction perfume would even smell like. Well apparently, it smells like SUMMER. Some other rather choice descriptions for the unique bottled smell included:

    • Juicy and feminine
    • Seasonal
    • Sparkling
    • Warm musk
    • Frangipani
    • Dry wood
    • Enticing
    • Beautifully ornate

The One Direction perfume, “Our Moment” will be available from August 25th (if you absolutely must). Here’s what some other randoms on the street thought about the band’s signature smell:

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