Old But Gold – Blocking An MMA Fighter With An Energy Shield

Old But Gold - Blocking An MMA Fighter With An Energy Shield

We’ve featured quite a few different martial artists wanting to pit their own art against the likes of mixed martial artists, failing miserably in the process. To start off the week on a lighter note, we decided that it was only fitting to feature the guy who started the whole craze off, alleging that he could block a punch simply by using an energy field that he had created – ladies and gentleman here’s introducing the World’s only “Energy Field Master”.

The “Energy Master” decided to try his protective energy field out on seven time Ukrainian MMA┬áchamp and stuntman Alexandr Litvinenko and miraculously avoids getting totally smashed with the first punch, giving the MMA all-star a cheeky slap in the face as a retort. Unfortunately for him this pushes Alexandr over the edge, with him unleashing a fury of punches on the Energy Master beating the absolute crap out of him:

Ja ne, guessing that “energy shields” aren’t a real thing hey?

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