Old But Gold – Blocking An MMA Fighter With An Energy Shield

Old But Gold - Blocking An MMA Fighter With An Energy Shield

We’ve featured quite a few different martial artists wanting to pit their own art against the likes of mixed martial artists, failing miserably in the process. To start off the week on a lighter note, we decided that it was only fitting to feature the guy who started the whole craze off, alleging that he could block a punch simply by using an energy field that he had created – ladies and gentleman here’s introducing the World’s only “Energy Field Master”.

The “Energy Master” decided to try his protective energy field out on seven time Ukrainian MMA champ and stuntman Alexandr Litvinenko and miraculously avoids getting totally smashed with the first punch, giving the MMA all-star a cheeky slap in the face as a retort. Unfortunately for him this pushes Alexandr over the edge, with him unleashing a fury of punches on the Energy Master beating the absolute crap out of him:

Ja ne, guessing that “energy shields” aren’t a real thing hey?

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