OKO Entertainment launches their premium OKO mobile bar experience! The Future of eventing is here

In collaboration with German engineering and our unique South African customer service flair, OKO Entertainment introduces the revolutionary OKO Bar. This new and exciting portable bar specializes in providing remarkable mobile event experiences tailored to your events needs.

The OKO bar is a leader in expansive event solutions and innovative portable bar services. This self-sufficient event rig can be deployed almost anywhere, making it the leader in South African mobile venue solutions.


Welcome to South African's premium mobile event solution – OKO Entertainment

Posted by OKO Entertainment on Friday, 27 October 2017

OKO Entertainment utilises the most innovative mobile venue technology available, whilst providing a level of customer service that is unparalleled”.

With an international solution to South Africa’s electricity shortage, the OKO Bar combines innovation with sustainability. With a self-supporting power supply, 2 all-inclusive on-site generators and a fully equipped bar and DJ booth, nothing stands in our way of turning any event into an unforgettable bespoke experience.

Combined with 28 customized branding opportunities and a deck capacity of 100 consumers, 4 bartenders and 6 staff, the OKO bar offers a unique consumer experience to any brand collateral, making it hard not to choose this premium venue solution for just about any mobile event.

The OKO Bar takes impressive twenty-two minutes to set up and only requires the aid of two people. This competitive deployable time challenges other mobile event solutions significantly, taking the portable bar industry to the next level.

The OKO Bar rig is perfect for: 

● Music and Sports Festivals
● Public Relations and Launch events
● Corporate year-end, lunches & branding events
● Bespoke Experiences
● Roadshows
● Golf days
● Any other event requiring a premium, mobile, easily-deployable venue experience  

The OKO Bar Experience in collaboration with OKO Entertainment has a strong passion for innovative mobile venue solutions which translates into their unique event experiences.

We offer our partners bespoke event experiences and solutions that are of the highest quality”.

This innovative portable venue solution makes hosting your next event an absolute breeze. Enjoy the consistency of a premium mobile event solution without the slightest production delay.

The OKO Bar is available to brands, clients, event organisers, promoters and anyone else who sees this mobile solution working perfectly with their event, countrywide. For more information visit: (FACEBOOK)

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