OH MY GOSH! vol.004


It’s time for round four of “OH MY GOSH”

As promised we are delivering you yet another 6 DJ line up. This time it will be in rounds of two, each delivering a two our set.

Blush and Bass

They will kick the night off from 22h00-24h00.

“Collectively Blush n Bass is made up of the un-stopable duo of Candice Heyns and Miss Pickett.
They bring a tasteful, sexy, all music experience that has seen them rock numerous electro nightclubs, provide the perfect ambient back-ground music for many a lounge event and leave crowds literally screaming along with vigor to their anthemic indie sets.
Now it has to be said, that a lot of female acts bring a great touch of femininity and finesse to their sets and this is definitely true with Blush n Bass, but it has to also be said that these girls can show up and shake down any male electro/indie DJ to his boots, and this relates with pure power to every dance floor.
Not settling for only the “bangers” Blush n Bass have played the premiere pick of Cape Town’s Nightclubs, Bars and lounges, festival such as Redskei and headlining Rocking the Daisies in 2010.
This duo is always up for any challenge and are amassing a huge fan base everyday just by doing what they do.”


They will take over from 00h00-02h00, and people get ready for a yet another explosive set:

“Originally started as an electronic rap outfit, BTEAM are the the power-house production/DJ duo of JakobSnake and Plaigarhythm. They always had a cohesive and single minded vision, to bring quality music to the public and have the technical ability to match their incredibly high self expectations – no matter what genre and what format.
Their love for house and techno music had continued growing steadily, and spawned the insatiable need to DJ these sounds to people.
Flash-forward to today and they are absolute dance-floor assassins, rooted in Techno and Minimal, they are taking over South Africa with their special brand of “electro” dubbed Maximal or Grindhouse.
Harking back to the “glory days” of house music, these boys pay tribute with their synth laden breakdowns and classic remixes, building to a grinding, body shaking bass experience that rocks any crowd to its tip-toes and leaves them suspended and screaming.
BTEAM have supported many international heavyweights, and have played every major outdoor festival in Cape Town and steal the show weekly at their numerous DJ sets around the country.
A swift “brick in the face” attitude to live shows, slathered lovingly with enthusiasm and history, BTEAM constantly pays homage to their admiration for music in all its forms, and their sense of oneness with a crowd is unrivaled.”

The night then has something new to offer you, as you know “OH MY GOSH” always has a little twist to the evening and here it is:
For the first time ever Anthea Scholts and Ivan Turanjanin (Killer Robot) will be joining forces and feeding our souls with a deep techno/minimal set.

Anthea Scholtz

“Anthea is one of those DJ’s who is the epitome of what todays musical landscape should be. With a world full of “anyone can be a DJ” mentalities, Anthea is a breath of fresh air – A multi-layered and passionate Techno fanatic and all round music lover.
She flits between dark, brooding Techno and driving, dancefloor arresting minimal with a supreme “story-telling” ability, a musical expression of what Anthea is trying to say.
At face-value Anthea embodies elegance and confidently carries the flag, the perfect juxtaposition to her deep, throbbing music. A humble person who understands that with the ever-changing music scene, one must be judged on their passion and the ability to make a set or song flow effortlessly and sublimely.
Its not difficult to see that with her immense talent, high emphasis on technical skill and open, warm nature, she has risen effortlessly through the ranks of electronic music culture, having played Africas most prestigious shows such as headlining both Kenya and Cape Town’s Earthdance, The Synergy Outdoor Festival and H20, as well as regular openings for Goldfish and Killer Robot
The world is fast becoming Anthea’s playground, and we’re all the better for it.”

Ivan Turanjanin (Killer Robot)

“To say that Ivan Turanjanin is intrinsically bound to music is an understatement.
It a testament to a man whose life long passion has been constantly evolving and tweaked to perfection all the while keeping the singular headstrong vision of his roots – a quality and historically driven obsession with Techno.
An absolute Tastemaker and muscial purist, Ivan’s uncanny ability to recognise and finely craft a sound which harks back to the beginnings of the Detroit techno revolution, infused with the nuances of Berlin’s dark moody throbbers. Add in the wildly eclectic nature of his musical pallette and impecable taste and it all translates into an audible wonderland everytime Ivan DJ’s.
His accolades and musical experience reads like a wishlist for any aspiring DJ and seasoned veteran alike.”

The night kicks off at 22h00 and if you get there before 23h00 you’ll only pay a dashing R30.00, after 23h00 it’s a minor R40.
There will be half price drinks for the first hour, so get there early to avoid disappointment.


Simply comment below and stand a chance to win a place on the guestlist for this event. We will choose the winners at 12 o clock tomorrow.

There are honestly too many good parties this weekend.

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