Oh My Gosh Vol. 003


Us And Them and Levis original music present OH MY GOSH VOLUME 003 presents the best line up as of yet.

Six DJ’s in one night has proven to be a success, the soundscape of music has had peoples feet tapping for days after the event. This time we are pushing the limits even further.

We would like to present to you 12 DJ’s in six hours! You might be wondering how this is possible, we have chosen some of the top duo’s that all ready exist and teamed up some of the best DJ’s to create some tantalizing new duo’s.

22h00-23h00 (popskarr )
23h00-24h00 (Tommy Gun and Haasbroek)
00h00-01h00 (Blush N Bass)
01h00-02h00 (Gordon and Kennedy)
02h00-03h00 (low & mey)
03h00-04h00 (Audiophile & T-minus)

Doors open at 21h00 (R30)
After 22h00 (R40)

Half price drinks before 23h00

Spread the word and love 🙂

See you all there!!!

Facebook event: (click here)

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