The Official Wobbleland 2017 Aftermovie Is Pure Gold!

The Official Wobbleland 2017 Aftermovie Is Pure Gold! What Did She Take???!!


Aftermovie’s for big festivals are usually quite majestic, but this particular effort from the organisers of Wobbleland 2017 is probably the best we’ve seen thus far (not for any of the reasons you’d normally think). The main star of this aftermovie is some woman who has obviously taken something (a few somethings) quite strong and is having an absolute ball of things.

The clip was created by an employee of Vital Events who run a series of festivals throughout the year and they’ve apparently offered her free entry to any of their festivals for life, if she gave them permission to use the clip, which she duly agreed to. She can never ever, get a real job again me thinks, but fair play to her for being game for this.

Prepare to be amazed:

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