Off The Wall Pop-Up Restaurant goes Italian

Off The Wall Pop-Up Restaurant goes Italian

There’s no cooking quite like Italian cooking, and that’s just where KHANYA has set her sights for her upcoming pop-up dinner. A land rich in history, culture and artistic contributions ancient and modern, Italy is a truly inspiring food destination.
Fresh, natural, delicious, clean and wholesome are our guiding words this month, and with plenty amazing produce in season and at its finest like aubergine, sweet peppers and figs, avocados and broccoli, we are excited about what’s going to transpire in the kitchen! Expect all the gorgeous, sexy, balminess of the Mediterranean paired up with hearty South African winter-eating sensibilities.
Once again, +27 Cafe‘s The Supper Club and Off The Wall Pop-Up Restaurant comes together to create another deliciously memorable meal with all the fixings of a truly authentic Italian meal – think fresh, hand-rolled pastas, perfectly ripe, sweet fresh fruit, sun kissed tomatoes, fragrant herbs, fresh vegetables, cold-pressed oils and mature cheeses. Oh and bread. Lots of bread.
Book your seat at Pretoria’s best dinner table for an unforgettable feast today!

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KHANYA MZONGWANA is a 26 year old chef, food stylist, consultant, recipe developer, food writer and avid eater from the small but vibrant coastal city of Port Elizabeth. She has been cooking for almost ten years and currently writes for Woolworths TASTE Magazine as well as Eat Out Magazine’s online publication, and is on the 2017 panel for the critically acclaimed Eat Out Awards. She also consults for Capital Craft Beer Academy and is currently designing a menu for African Beer Emporium. When she’s not working with these fine establishments, she hosts a pop-up restaurant in various venues around Gauteng with her partner where they rediscover food from all corners of the globe – the Off The Wall Pop-Up Restaurant.

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