Off The Felt with Dan Bilzerian, Episode 1: “I’m Just Being Me”

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We poker fans here at MCBN, and if ever you wanted to grow up and be a poker player, the is who you would love to be!

Dan Bilzerian is the ultimate poker playboy. I mean have you seen his Instagram?

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Anyway, All In magazine in the US has made a webumentry series of this mystical man!

in the series, Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian opens up to ALL IN about his over-the-top lifestyle, the freedom that $50 million in poker winnings can buy, and why he considers himself the Bill Gates of poker. Get to know a man who offers no apologies for the blur of models, guns, private jets, and yacht parties that his life has become.

I’m all in, thats for sure!

Via All In Youtube

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