October’s MyCityByNight Header Design

Well the MyCityByNight ‘Googlesque’ header design of the month is now in full swing, and this months credit goes to a one Charlie ‘Karel’ Mossop.

Introducing Karel…

My name is Karel. No its Charlie actually (I occasionally socialise with Afrikaaners and that’s my ‘campfire’ name I was given one night whilst braaing some chops in Paarl.)
I like Animals. I caught a Pigeon once, but it got away.
I enjoy Photography and playing around on Photoshop and long walks on the beach.
I know how to fly a helicopter, which is helpful considering my career choice as a helicopter pilot.
I really would like to see Kreg with dark hair one day.
I haven’t been fishing in a ages. I have never sat in the middle seat in the back of my car.
I quite enjoy the “night” time part of the day.
I find shaving tedious.
I am the reigning champion of 0’s and X’s.
Love Charl Karel.
X0X0 ß (you see what I did there?)

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    1. I like it quite a bit hey!! Kinda want to keep it around… hmm its going to take a top design to knock this off the perch. Maybe we can put it up for vote in a poll to see if you all wanna keep it around over some of the other entries!! Come on all of you designers out there- LETS GET CREATIVE!!!! 🙂

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