Occhiolism Records welcome Fabian Cioffi to their label with his Heart Breaking EP titled ‘Absent Father’

The name Fabian Cioffi represents not only a being but the movement made by melody and the memory created by the drum, a spell of rest, quiet breath and cool heart that sinks through fading colours, deep into the early hours of the morning.

Inside these howling echoes, you will find Fabian Cioffi, a local Johannesburg producer and label owner with a relentless approach to Musical Freedom and a distinct ear for soul-wrenching ambience blended with 4×4 thuds that bring us all closer to the potentiality hidden within the understanding of subchronic stillness.

The EP information and backstory

We chatted to Fabian to get the backstory and inside information into the 3 track EP. Here’s his story below:

‘Absent Father’ is an original 3 track EP manifested over an incremental progression in my life, from about the end of 2019 to early 2020 that was driven by an even playing field created by a few sad circumstances that I had no control over but as in all things bad we can only learn from it and grow. I saw it as a time to buckle up and rewrite the way I write music from processing, creative flow and even hardware decisions were all a blank canvas that would allow me to paint my own picture, losing me from the voices of doubt. I had nothing to lose and so ‘Absent father’ was born. A brutality honest progression of tracks that capture that different moment of progression tied up in a brutal package of rave and atmospheric inspired tracks.

The EP is set to release on Occhiolism record label, a project that I’ve been working on since mid-2018 inspired by creative expression and the aching need for South African underground techno to have a bigger voice overseas.

I started the Ep off with ‘Fuckknows’, a high energy driving track based around the correct use of space and processing as if you listen to the song, it is not overly complicated but still effective and fuck knows why just kidding, it was done on purpose to not only represent an empty like the state of mind but stick true to NO bullshit techno and warm you up for a more brutal ride.

‘Distant Psycho’ is looming and deep, not only representing a subjective view in my mind but the overwhelming tension.

Lastly, we get to the star of the show ‘Absent Father’, a heart-wrenching rave inspired peak time number based around that late 90’s and the awesome synth chords that lay the way for us Young Hunks. The track is a hard hitter, most probably not best suited for the family dinner but almost guaranteed to start a mosh if you are with the right people.

The EP has truly been a learning lesson both in practice and therapy through its rhythmic beats and deep hollows. I’ve found myself okay with the things I have no control over even if it may be my own skills. This ideal has allowed me to grow to a point of non-critical music expression and it’s beautiful, that once distant father is now absent and true creative expression can happen as inspired by this.

Artist Instagram – Fabian_occhiolism
Artist Band camp –  https://fabiancioffi.bandcamp.com

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