Nutter Jumps From A 50 Foot Cliff Without Looking & Nearly Ends Himself On A Boat Below

Cliff jumping is fun - except when you don't look and then land on a boat below

I’m super scared of heights, so the fact that this dude even considered taking a leap off what looks like it’s a 50 foot cliff is astounding enough. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have a squiz at what was in the water below before jumping off a cliff in Portugal and ended up landing on top of a ship below that was coming out of a cave below.

This looks like it was probably one of the most painful things that could ever be experienced and is enough to put me off even considering doing it myself at any point in the near future. Check out the footage and try not cringe:

Somehow he didn’t end up dying and escaped with just a broken arm and a mild concussion. Sure he’ll think twice next time.

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