#NowPlaying Malcolm Skene – After You (2016)

Malcolm Skene new new newestr

June 13 – August 17 (2016)
90bpm – 114bpm

Muddy & dirty is the best way to describe this 9 track release, it is a self educational learning curve in audio recording and synthesis that has been recorded along with discovering & exploring unusual organic textures via synthesis and outboard gear. A lot of Lo-fi noise can be heard, its a real and raw excursion and makes way for new material and a plethora of sound & audio oddities. In a race to move into “frequier” pastures, this project is mashed up and stuck together with some selected sounds and some arrangement. There hasn’t been a lot of attention to post work and leaves the audio mostly untouched. Its a documented exercise in the form of musical patterns and groove compiled recorded arranged over the past two wintery months.

Photo & Artwork: Ian Skene

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