Nothing But Trouble [Video]


On the 13th of July, I faced one of my biggest challenges of my life… This entailed stepping into a boxing ring and trying to survive three rounds without getting knocked the hell out… It was a night I will NEVER forget and something I plan to do again in the near future, maybe not the near near future but you know what I mean! This was a night full of adrenalin, intensely fierce boxing bouts and loads of drinking and dancing to end things off in true 1920’s prohibition style…

Here is a review from the SLICK TIGER himself and I get a lekker mention: (click here)

Here is a round up of the event itself, where R30 000 was raised in aid of the Dare to Share charity through tickets sales and donations on the night. Big shout out’s go to the Armoury Boxing Club in Cape Town, who gave up their time to take us amateurs to the next level and I could not have asked for better training, coaches or facilities… Big ups to the Armoury, Aladain and Robyn for everything 🙂

You want to see my fight right? This was way different to anything I could have ever imagined or even pictured… Let me know how you think I did, besides the WWE moves in the third round and my blatant tiredness 😉

Ian “Ashes” Ashfoth vs Craig “The Viking” Stack Full HD

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