Not alive enough? How’s about flying around with a jetpack attached to your back?

Jetman Dubai jetpack

I’m really amazed at where tech innovation has managed to get us to, especially considering the fact that just a few years ago the idea of using a jetpack to navigate the skies was utter crazy talk. In the clip below Swiss ex fighter pilot, Guinness Book record holder and first man to fly with a jet-propelled wing, Yves Rossy A.K.A. Jetman is back in the sky pushing the boundaries of aviation by completing a sensational formation flight with Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán in Dubai! It might not be a jetpack in the traditional sense, but you do ultimately have a jet engine strapped to your back while cooking it through the sky.

With some training and a serious wad of cash you can also try the experience thanks to Jetman Dubai, but I think I’m going to wait until I’ve seen at least 100 normal people give it a go without dying before I strap a jet engine to my back over a desert.

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