Nonhle Thema who? A MCBN initiative

The digital landscape has been littered with nonsense about Nonhle Thema for long enough. Without a change in consumer culture I will be harassed by Nonhle’s unbelievably narcissistic ramblings through retweets, wall posts and hair relaxer adverts for years to come. MyCityByNight would like to start that change…

Let’s talk briefly about the rather outspoken tv presenter and entrepreneur Nonhle Thema. She’s got just over 106 000 followers on Twitter- many of whom are fascinated by the self-involved utter nonsense that she squeezes into 140 characters. If you for one minute question whether she really thinks she’s as awesome as God, she’ll lay into you, letting you know how much cash she’s made vs how little you’ve got. She’s had more feuds than Cher has gay fans and is never far from letting you know just how great she is.

Twitter Exhibit A:

“im not playing.change is more humble poor girls on tv.its time for us to shine…..IM BORN A WINNER…”

For more hilarity check out Nonhle’s Twitter Timeline.

In a recent Time Out interview, Nonhle gave a little bit of insight around how her behaviour on social media platforms will be used to better her career instead of bashing other “broke bitches”:

“I have now decided that my Twitter space will not carry random, not carefully thought-out, tweets in 2012. I am going to use the space to inspire and encourage the youth to be also entrepreneurial and become a success,”

She then went on to chat about her haters (not a cliché at all):

“This whole pull down syndrome comes from the generally held perception that as a young black person you cannot be successful in business, and therefore cannot be your own person.

“The fact is you can, and everything that I do in life is geared towards correcting that perception.”

I can guarantee one thing… All of the hating has got nothing to do with the fact that you are black and young, dear.

Annoyed by the fact that Nonhle continues assault us with useless crap that only die-hard fans will consume (Nonhle Thema Hair, Nonhle Thema Precious Ivy Perfume & a hip hop tune produced by Bongani Fassie), I decided that it was time to do something. Writing and saying things that poke fun at her is just getting a little bit old.

MyCityByNight affects the lives of thousands of people a day, with many of those people being forced to hear about Nonthle Thema far more often than they’d like (social media is a bitch like that). The thinking is that if we can make sure never to mention her again, it’ll be one less place that you, in turn, will have to hear about… wait what’s her name again?

So that’s the proposition. If this post gets 100 likes, MyCityByNight will NEVER mention Nonhle Thema’s name again. Anywhere.

Hopefully we’ll be first of many more to come.

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  1. Amen motherfuckers! If we all ignore her, and those who follow her, unfollows her (I pray to god there aren’t many of you) we will never have to hear her self-indulgent whining EVER again. *bbm thumbs up* — (@thatWallace)

  2. This chick is like watching MTV, E! and Cartoon Network all at once with the volume turned up to the max. What bugs me most is the number of followers she has, although I hope that most of them are rubberneckers passing by this human train-wreck. That said, I fear many of her followers may be creationists since she is quite the argument against Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution – by being proof that not everything on Earth has a purpose. Frankly, I hope she never stops doing what she does, simply so that she can be a cautionary tale to future generations of what hubris and a lack of basic common sense can do to you.

    1. Well said phroggi! I have grown tired of hearing about her kray kray antics through all the rt’s etc. Her only purpose must be as a cautionary tale- much like red riding hood- don’t trust the wolf kids

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