Nokia Music+ now available in South Africa

NM+ Web Mix play

Nokia’s new subscription-based upgrade to its popular free-to-stream mobile music service, Nokia Music+, is now available in South Africa for just R25.00 a month.

For even greater music enjoyment, Nokia Music+ provides increased control over the listening experience – at a cost noticeably lower than many third party services – and adds the following additional features to the existing free Nokia Music offering:

+The ability to download unlimited mixes for offline playback
+Unlimited track skips providing greater opportunities to self-curate streamed music
+The option to select higher quality audio when connecting via Wi-Fi
+Lyric streaming for many tracks
+Listen to Nokia Music via Internet-enabled devices including pc or tablet


The current Nokia Music service, which allows users to create their own mixes or stream from playlists curated by an expert team of musicologists and international artists, as well as save mixes for offline playback; will continue to be available free of charge to Nokia Lumia owners, with no advertisements, registration or subscription.

Nokia Music+ is available for people to try free for seven days, and then at only R25.00 per month as a paid for update to the existing free service.

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