– The Best Way to Save Cash!

This is truly one of the best concepts I have seen in a long time and I just have to say big up’s to Luke Godfrey and Adam Lifshitz for all the hard work they have put in to give us what you see on today!

What is, is a website dedicated to keeping you up to date with all the specials at restuarants, clubs and bars in and around the Cape Town area, they have also done it for JHB and Durban, but we don’t care about them though so back to It has definitely saved me a couple of times during those lonely few days at the end of the month (yes, we know you spent all your money and alcohol and cigarettes) when you scraping the barrel for cash but are keen to go grab a chow somewhere at the lowest price, you know how it is either being a student or a hard working citizen at the end of the month. say that their main aim is “to help you save as much moola as possible, whilst still living it up in style”. So weather you’re going for the 2 for 1 cocktail specials at Col Cacchio’s on Monday evening between 18:00 and 20:00 or you going to the get the FULL English Breakfast for R25 at Primi every Tuesday until 12pm, has it all for you.

What are you waiting for, go check it out…


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