Watch | ‘No-Go Zones: The World’s Toughest Places’ features the life of a gangster in the Cape


Earlier this week the first episode of season 5 of Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons made local news for featuring the lives of inmates at Brandvlei Correctional Centre in the Western Cape. Ex-prisoner, journalist and host of the popular docu-series, Raphael Rowe spent a week behind bars at the Western Cape facility, later telling CapeTalk he was genuinely scared during his time there.

While prisoners face daily threats of violence and other dangers behind bars across the Cape, the reality on the outside isn’t much different for gangsters. A 2019 episode from ‘No-Go Zones: The World’s Toughest Places‘ documents a day in the life of a gangster in Rocklands Mitchells Plain Cape Town. The episode titled “Ghost Town” follows members of The Ugly Americans gang.

The episode recently resurfaced again, posted by YouTube user BiGgLeŽ W0rTh who wrote, “What you see is bloodthirsty monsters (which is true to an extent) what I see is ordinary people whose lives were shaped to rebel, living for anarchy and lawlessness, life on the edge as a result of dysfunctional families, poverty, poor mindsets, absent parents and no heroes. A product of an evil regime.”

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The video also features André Gideon, the stunning character who appeared in a handful of music videos for South African Rap/Rave group Die Antwoord. André, also known as Anies, was unfortunately murdered in December 2020 while defending his daughter.

Watch the full episode below and read more trending news, right here.

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