No Deadmau5 for South Africa in 2011

At the end of last year there was a fair deal of speculation around whether South Africa would be treated to the Deadmau5 experience to add to the already insane list of International music heavy-weights that have already had all of us foaming at the mouth at the prospect of SA finally making it onto the entertainment global map.

As always MyCityByNight had its ear to the ground during the entire pre-negotiation process, which in this instance was between two major events promoters. This week one of these promoters (the more reliable and event organising-savvy one) confirmed that Deadmau5 would not be coming to South Africa in 2011 bar some sort of divine intervention. I believe he said something along the lines of  “Joel doesnt have any plans to visit SA this year unless we can convince his agent that a change of mind is an excellent idea” – if I think back to our conversation.

I have included a choon to mourn the fact that we wont get to see this gifted little kid down in South Africa this year unless MyCityByNight calls in a favour with the big guy 😉

 There we go… Speculation over

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  1. I heard from a little birdie that he’s way to high and mighty and rejected the offers which was made to him..?
    Something like 100K US$
    I mean really… is he worth that much for one gig of a few hours?
    I would’ve loved seeing him live but come on, drop that ego a bit Mau5

  2. I, for one, am actually happy that he’s not coming. I’d rather watch paint dry on my grandmother’s bare back than listen to him drop something as siff as ‘Ghost and Stuff’. *puke* He is too commercial and over-hyped! Ironically enough, that’s why he is so expensive to hire. 😉 The guy has talent, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see him playing here as a good business idea either. What about Justice or Fred Falke? Now that would be interesting…and probably cheaper for the events promoters to lure to CT/SA.

  3. Deadmau5’s rider is bigger than his ego. Unless Smirnoff bring him down (ie a big company will to throw cash at the gig) we will never see Deadmau5 here.

  4. Told you all. To the fool who really thought H20 would fork out +/- R100 000 for DeadMau5 – I’m still laughing.

    There are plenty of well known and underground DJ’s out there that we will get treated to this year! Keep your eye out! 🙂

  5. you guys suck! will luv to see him and the big one can aford him if they want

    bring on deadmau5 gig will have drive anywhere

  6. Glad he can’t come! One day he will come back to earth what that ego of his.Bring back PVD or Tiesto. Sure crowd pullers.

  7. Sounds like alot of butt hurt South Africans again, seen Mau5 last year and he is worth every penny. It’s a business.

    1. Yup… Seems like the one promoter managed to get it right… We’re just waiting on the ok to drop you all the details you need. Ps. make sure you’re in jozi, cape town and durbs at the end of the year 🙂

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