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MCBN: You just came back from your tour overseas to Europe, how was it? Where did you play and what are the gigs like over there compared to Cape Town?

In one word, AMAZING! This time round I played in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Fraga and Madrid and also Monegros Desert Festival. Playing on that side of the world is always daunting, because you never know what to expect. You know if what you’re used to doing in South Africa will have the same effect, so you gotta be prepared.

MCBN: What got you into Drum and Bass and how long have you been DJ’ing for?

I started listening to Drum & Bass in the mid 90s in my pre-teens. I was a big basshead, anything that had a bassline I loved… From certain hip hop tracks, to  kwaito, house and even R&B… If it had a catchy and heavy bassline, I was into it. I didn’t even care about the lyrics. So when I discovered this genre of music which was driven by the bassline, I was instantly hooked.  I started throwing parties in ’03 and DJing in ’04, so that makes it about 6 years.

MCBN: You have played at quite a few of the biggest festivals around South Africa, what do you prefer – performing at a festival or at a venue and why?

Who would not like to play on a big stage to a few thousand  people? Festival sets are fun, period. The only problem I have with them are that because of time constraints etc, you usually only get 1 hour to play. So when you do it, one tends to generally bang it big and finish an hour later. I prefer to play in smaller, more intimate venues because a) you tend to get more time in the booth, so you can go on a proper journey through your sound and b) I like being up close and personal with who I am playing to you know. I want to feel your energy and you feel mine.

MCBN: What can we expect from your set at Earthdance? That weekend is going to be huge…

I have some ridiculously fresh stuff ready for my set at Earthdance. It’s going to be high energy Drum & Bass with loads of euphoric elements thrown in!

MCBN: You spin Drum and Bass and Dubstep under the Niskerone, are there any other side projects you are working on we should know about?

I can tell you, but I’d have to kill you… Actually, I am working on one but I’m still keeping it under wraps until all the elements are ready… All I can say is keep an ear out in early 2011.

MCBN: We have all seen at least one of your D n B sets and they can get pretty energetic and up-tempo at times, what is the craziest thing you have seen while behind the decks?

The one that stands out the most is playing a party in Durban and the crowd going so mental that they knocked over the entire booth from the stage while I’m midset. The MC and myself both lunging forward to catch whatever gear we could, needless to say we have a few minutes of silence and then the party went on like nothing had happened haha! Durban’s intense! 

MCBN: You have played at almost every club in Cape Town. Where is your favourite place to DJ in Cape Town?

Fiction DJ Bar, hands down. I play there every Thursday night at It Came From The Jungle and not once have I left feeling unimpressed. The attending crowd are there purely for the music and they lap up everything you throw at them. I like intimate spaces.

MCBN: Which gig stands out in your mind as the most memorable to date, what made it so awesome?

Playing at Monegros Festival this year. It was an experience  of a lifetime.  You need to go check out this festival for yourself to fully understand why I named it! In fact, every show I’ve ever played in Spain has been amazing. It’s like Cape Town on steroids!

MCBN: If you could DJ back to back with any DJ, dead or alive, who would it be?

Andy C.

MCBN: Have you dabbled in any production at all, would we be seeing any Niskerone productions in there near future?

That’s a little part of the side project due for next year. We’ll talk more about that closer to the time.

MCBN: What are your top three tracks right now?

Friction vs Camo & Krooked ft Dynamite MC – Stand Up

Loadstar (Xample & Lomax) ft Ikay – Rapidas

Magnetic Man – I Need Air (Digital Soundboy Remix)

Thanks for chatting to us and we are really looking forward to your set at Earthdance!

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Camo & Krooked Event: (click here)

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  1. Markie’s hands down my favourite DnB DJ in Cape Town. If you’re in the cape, there can be no other. It can only come from the Jungle!

    1. Marky rocks!!! He's always been the BEST when it comes to dnb! Everytime I hear him play I jam like a man possessed! 🙂

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