Nintendo 3DS

For the first time ever, SA will be launching a new gaming console with the rest of the world. No more, one step behind feeling or the urge to import a console from another country.
After a Live Stream at 4pm SA Time, the launch date has been confirmed – FINALLY – as 25 March 2011! The confirmed colours for launch are Black and Turquoise.

It seems the development of the 3DS was dreamt up when the DS first launched… to think that this puppy has been in the making for so long, can only guarantee a mind-blowing product.

So what is the Nintendo 3DS?
It’s a hand held console which allows you to play games in a three dimensional capacity – WAIT FOR IT – without having to wear any goggles or glasses! This is all due to something called a Paralyx Barrier, and this creates a sense of depth. You will not be able watch the gaming from a side view, but thanks to Channel Live, you can link in and watch – like television, due to the Enhanced Internet Play and Wi-Fi connection of the console.

Mr. Shibata – Nintendo president – was very excited to announce the 3rd Party involvement, using their talents, therefore offering a huge platform of software.
For those hardcore gamers that have always felt that Nintendo was reaching out to a softer market, this will surely leave you feeling excited!
Capcom has revealed Street Fighter IV for 3DS, housing 35 original characters, sporting an online battle mode.
Ubisoft will have 8 titles available for launch period: Rayman, Tom Clancy – Splinter Cell, Combat of Giants, Asphalt, Rabbids, Dinosaur, Ghost Recon, Hollywood Crimes and Driver Renegade.
Konami announced PES 2011 3D, with Team Ninja releasing their first handheld fighting game – Dead or Alive on 3DS.

Nintendo games announced for the launch: Steeldiver, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Pilot Wings Resort, Nintendogs and Cats.
Nintendogs and Cats, has face recognition capability. So if your dog can identify your face, then it will ‘love you’. If it cannot, it will do as any other dog would, and start barking defensively.
Pre-loaded Software includes things like: Activity log, Mii-maker – create your own characters by taking a photo of someone’s face, as well as Augmented Reality.

Some technical information: The consoles will all be Region Locked with pre-installed codes (region specific) and this will help control system access & updates. Seeing as there is something called SteetPass, which can access the Internet & receive info from online hotspots no matter what game is currently in the game slot (yes I know there is a LOT of information regarding this little ‘toy’). Hotspot connections can deliver 3D videos – YES again, MOVIES – downloadable games & add-on content, & location-specific special offers/info – unfortunately we will have to be patient to see what information will be available here for us in South Africa.
The console itself weighs 235g, and includes battery pack & stylus. It has a circle pad (mouse track) simplifying the 3D gaming. The 3DS has a built in motion sensor & gyro
You can toggle between 3D and 2D gaming; therefore the 3DS is backwards compatible (can play the older DS games).
It has 3 – 5hrs battery life when playing 3DS, and 5 – 8hrs when interacting with other DS games, only needing 3.5hrs to charge!

Around 25 gaming titles will be made available during the launch time!
Naturally, packaging will be different depending on the regions, so the graphics I’ve used might not be identical to the stuff we’ll have available to us…

This is HUGE people. It’s a totally new dimension of gaming and technology!
I’m totally jealous that I could not be at the launch to get my grubby hands onto a console to see it for myself!

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement with 3DS trending on Twitter and Facebook. For those of you that aren’t into gaming, the pure fact that you will be able to watch three-dimensional movies on a portable handheld – without glasses – should have you wetter than a teenage boy watching Jenna Jameson!

Now if only we could secure a way to preview this gem before the actual launch date :D… watch this space kiddo’s, watch this space!

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  1. Awesome article, as always! 🙂

    Just one question: do you perhaps have the RRP (recommended retail price for those not in sales ;))? Have the DS currently, but sooooooooooooo want the 3DS since they announced they were working on 🙂

  2. We don’t even have a ball park figure for SA.
    US is around $250, but they specifically said that retailers would control overall pricing.
    Will let you know as soon as I know!

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