Nike – Write The Future. Full Length Advert


I have got no words…

This is just amazing, Nike have gone and made probably one of the most insane ads I have ever seen…

Nike Soccer: The time has come for players to carve their name in history.

One touch, tackle or free kick could crush a nation’s hopes or cause them to build a statue in your honor.

Drogba, Rooney and Ronaldo are ready to Write The Future.

Write yours at


(Thanks Dr Greenthumb)

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  1. its great… its brilliant, and the sound track works so well. everything about it is so amazing. love the grade. and it should be good. you spend 20 million pounds on it and it will be ground breaking. cost more to make than Alien… hahahahahahaha

  2. OH MY FUCK OH MY FUCK OH MY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MY SACK!!!

    Roonely looks suits life as a pikey though! hahaha!

  3. Stroob: 20 Millions pounds for this ad?? was wondering how much it must have cost, thats amazing!

    @the Stackman: Rooney section of it is my favourite, Rooney the Pikey!

  4. yip, and thats just production cost, not even a single slice of airtime! five times more than any south african full length movie ever cost!

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