Nike goes Back To The Future with the 2011 Marty McFly MAGs

The boys at MyCityByNight grew up watching Marty Mcfly and his exploits in going “Back to the Future” and it’s fairly safe to say that we’re really huge fans. Everything about those movies was cool- especially the pair of sneakers that Michael J Fox’s character ends up purchasing to complete his outfit when he travels to the future. 1,500 pairs of 2011 Nike MAGs- real versions of the fictional futuristic 2015 Nike Mag sneakers that Marty McFly wears in the 1989 “Back to the Future” sequel, were auctioned off over the past couple of days since the 8th of September in a bid to raise money and awareness in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

The only thing that makes these pairs at all different from the unbelievably awesome one’s in the movie is the capability to lace themselves (maybe by the 2015 launch that’ll all be sorted)- so yes, that does include full lighting in the soles. When they eventually are available for mass consumption in a few years, I’ll be one of the first people in line to grab a pair! Check out the official advert over here:

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