Nike Football’s New Video – Winner Stays

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What can we say, we MASSIVE footy fans here at MCBN and we know this is post 800 (not sure what number) on the World Cup, and won’t be the last. We can’t wait for it to start!

Anyway, MY LORD, Nike Football’s new video “Winner Stays” features a lot of celebrity faces! They have gone full out for their latest campaign, and entrance to their ‘howsit’ we are massive at the World Cup).

Its not your average length advert either… at four minutes!

The advert features he likes of which sees two park football teams slowly transform into the ultimate clash of professional players, sees the likes of Ronaldo, Rooney, Neymar Jr, Ibrahimović, Pirlo, Hazard, Courtois and David Luis, and many more!

They have even incorporated a # tag as part of the campaign that ordinarily is nothing special, but this is a special one that allows you to be featured in an upcoming highlight reel.

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