Night of a 1000 Drawings – 19 November 2015


We’ve always been big supporters of the local arts and culture industries in South Africa, which is why we’re always excited when it comes time for the Night of A 100 Drawings. The well-known Night Of A 1000 Drawings strikes again, two years later and twice as strong. The collaborative venue for this year’s event is the Transvaal Post Office, situated in the heart of Jozi, filled with beauty, history and depth – just as the event intends for the wonderful thousands of donated drawings.

On Thursday, 19 November, Jozi will once again be wowed by the wonderful participation of artists from all walks of life who will have kindly donated an A5 sketch / drawing / photograph / mixed art piece to the cause of Night Of A 1000 Drawings.

If you weren’t aware, the art pieces are sold to the public at a fixed price of R100.00, and all proceeds will go to The Streetlight Schools Project,  which is a non-profit initiative aimed at creating affordable primary schools through improved teaching practices, access to technology, cost-effectiveness and modern skill development and the first school is set to start in January of 2016.

Doors open at 18h30 – Food, live music and a cash bar will be available to keep the evening going.  Tickets are available from

Don’t miss out on this unique event – come and support a worthy cause, experience something different and have a good time doing it!

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Date: 19th November

Time: 18h30

Venue: Transvaal Post Office,  20 Solomon Street,  Johannesburg

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